Druidess Gold Slots

Druidess Gold slots online is an incredibly immersive game which transports the player to a mythical world of fairies and spells. The beautiful mystical sorceress entices players into the game, which is chock full of Celtic pagan imagery and is arguably one of the most innovative online slots around, and newly available at Genting Casino.

There’s a range of mythical-themed symbols, including a crossed sword and staff, a raven, a spell book and a candle. Low values are the standards (9, Jack, Queen and King – there’s no 10, however!) The Druidess is wild and will only make an appearance on the middle Reelflecta Reel and fourth reel. The green Celtic cross is the scatter, and this activates the main feature.

Gameplay-wise Druidess Gold is completely unique in comparison to other slots games. The format breaks from the usual tradition in that, while it appears to be an 8-slot game, it’s technically a 5-reel game – the middle column, referred to as the Reelflecta Reel, features four columns comprised of 16 boxes set in a 4×4 layout, which provides the player with nearly 1,300 ways to win – an incredible incentive for any latest slots fan.

Alongside the numerous ways to win, there are also some serious bonus opportunities available. Bonus symbols appear outside the Reelflecta Reel, and when a player achieves five or more, the Ring of Protection is automatically triggered. Players must also avoid the Poison Potion which brings the bonus round to an end – although it does not appear in the first three bonus spins, allowing players to chalk up some serious winnings!

Players who successfully avoid the poison can gain anything up to a maximum of 12 spins, and by filling the outer spaces of the Reelflector with wilds, the centre spaces will also become wild, which means some serious prize money can be won.

With such immersive sights and sounds, it’s easy to understand why people all over the world play Druidess Gold slots online. Despite initially appearing complex, the game actually reveals itself to be easy to play, and easy to master, with a bit of luck. First impressions make the game seem unique, but repeated plays reveal it to have a lot more in common with traditional slots than it initially seems.