European Blackjack Now Available To Play Online at Genting Casino

Genting Casino is excited to announce that European blackjack is now available to play online.

Blackjack, or as it is sometimes known twenty-one, is one of the world’s most widely played casino games. For most non-professional gamblers, blackjack will always be the most popular game, devoid of the brutal skill necessary with poker while also demanding more skill than the likes of roulette; players must defer to the game’s mathematical basis, understand the basics odds of how often a 10 point card will appear, and what the chances are that the dealer will beat the player’s hand. A smart blackjack player is one who sticks to a basic strategy, one that keeps track of the cards and can gauge the odds in their head.

There is a beauty to mastering the skill of blackjack, and Genting’s European blackjack online now offers the opportunity for gamblers to do this from the comfort of their living room sofa. However, in order to be a master, it is important to understand which version is being played and how the different rules sets affect the odds. In order to play European blackjack, players will need to know how it differs from American blackjack. Whilst there are a few differences, the key divergence is just one card, and although this may seem insignificant at first, it changes the way the game is played.

In games of 21 following traditional American rules, the dealer receives one face up card and a single face down, or ‘hole’, card. If the dealer happens to have an ace as their up-card, they then immediately peek at their hole card. If their hole card is worth 10 points, the dealer has a blackjack and the hand ends before it really begins, with all players losing their wagers.

In games following European rules, the dealer receives only one card — the second card is only dealt once all players at the table have finalised their decisions and have stood or otherwise busted. Because there is no hole card, an immediate check for dealer blackjack is not possible. The disadvantage of this is that the player have less of an idea of what cards the dealer has.

Genting allows players to play European blackjack online, whilst also offering the best services around and providing customers with a modern, sleek website on which they can truly enjoy their gambling experience.