Ghostbusters Slots, Now at Genting Casino

The supernatural draw and excitement of Ghostbusters slots, finally at Genting Casino, can only be likened to the molecules in the human body bursting faster than the speed of light. In this iconic take on the timeless casino game, the Ghostbusters team do battle with Slimer and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man across the reels. But this time, there’s only huge chances to win at stake.

Featuring 30 paylines, two interactive bonus challenges and four mystery features for only 50 coins, Ghostbusters Slots Online is the place to win! Scoring a mystery feature earns 2X and 5X multipliers, random cash rewards, or wild reels for extra credits. With a bit of luck, as many as four reels could be turned wild with the Extra Wilds mystery feature!

Only in Ghostbusters Slots will players get to win big in the Ballroom Busters and Stay Puft bonus rounds. In Ballroom Busters, players take on the role of Dr. Venkman. Getting two Bonus symbols across the second and third reels, and a Slimer Bonus on the fourth will give players five proton blasts to pile up the multipliers. Shooting a table hiding a ghost scores awards.

In the Stay Puft Bonus, there is a chance for players to extend a winning run. Scoring two Bonus symbols on the second and third reels, and a Stay Puft Bonus, on the fourth earns eight free spins over 10 additional lines, and even drop some marshmallows to turn reels wild! Any reel positions that turn wild during the Stay Puft Bonus remain wild until the eight free spins are up, too.

And if all the excitement is getting too much, Ghostbusters Slots’ Auto Spin feature will automatically take turns for the player. Auto Spin will play until the STOP button is pressed, credits have expired, or one of the big-time bonus rounds are activated.

To play Ghostbusters Slots Online, players need only pay 50 coins for a chance to rack up the wins with frequent bonuses and multipliers. With this many chances to win, Ghostbusters Slots is a must-play. Those ghosts won’t bust themselves. Practice spins are available for those still not convinced.