Nordic Heroes Slots – An Adventure Slot Game with a Difference

Play Nordic Heroes slots online at Genting Casino, be captivated by the heroes and help them on their quest. Players will help Thora and Ragnar make their way through the Forest of Fortune and the Sea of Glory and find as many riches as they can along the way. Who doesn’t want to be a hero? Assist Thora and Ragnar as they kill off the vicious wolves, and an elusive assassin who is responsible for the deaths of the 11 rulers in the Forest of Fortune. This is a big task, but someone’s got to do it!

Make it to the Sea of Glory, where only true heroes can enter, and kill the giant crabs, poisonous octopuses, and deadly sea serpents which have finished off many a Viking boat in the past. If the player succeeds, they will pass through the eight levels and find untold riches as they do so.

Play Nordic Heroes, one of the latest slots online and find a five reel, 30 payline game. Whether in the Forest of Fortune or the Sea of Glory, the player will need to keep their eye out for the Battle Bonus symbol, get the Battle Bonus symbol on three reels at the same time and get free spins for as long as the character has health. After each free spin, the battle reel will spin for the player and for the monster that needs to be defeated. Beat all three monsters and the player gets either a one, two, five or 10 Victory Spin.

The player can level up their character, if they do so they will find their payback increased permanently, they’ll unlock new characters and realms and gain all important experience points. They’ll also find the familiar wild symbol of more conventional slot machines.

This is a fun, furious and intricate slot game with a real story line and progression. As the player advances through the levels, gaining coins and treasures, they’ll find they are gripped and enthralled by the trials and tribulations of their Nordic hero. Play Nordic Heroes slots online at Genting Casino today.